“I couldn’t hand in my assignment today because the dog ate my homework.”

“The train to Maidstone is cancelled due to the wrong kind of snow falling.”

“I can’t make it into work today boss because a ghost in my house has kept me all night.”

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

That last one was taken from a report in the Daily Express newspaper among some other very creative reasons for not showing up at work!

And a lot of estate agents fall back to excuse mode when things aren’t going right.

“Your property isn’t selling because the market is slowing down.”

“Uncertainty around Brexit / COVID / the England football team is causing buyers to stall.”

“This rain we’ve been having means no one is coming out to view properties.”

“The sunny weather means no one is coming out to view properties.”

While all four of the above have a smidgeon of truth to them there are certain things that there is no excuse for.

At Knight Edmonds we are big believers in doing all we can to influence the things under our control.

And that’s why we:

Always aim to respond within the same working day to your calls or queries.

We always use high quality photography and the latest virtual technology to present your property in its best light.

If we are running late for a viewing, we will call in advance to give you prior notice.

We’ll always seek out feedback from people who have viewed your property and let you know what they said.

We will always treat you with courtesy, respect and integrity.

And above all else we believe there’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever for not telling the truth, working hard on your behalf and doing all we possibly can to make sure your selling or buying experience with Knight Edmonds is a brilliant one.

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