Alex Knight

Alex Knight

Managing Director

I’m a focused and driven individual, perhaps even a little obsessive. My main obsession is simplicity; there is always an easier way to achieve a better result. This was the main basis for my decision to launch Knight Edmonds.

Over the years I’ve worked as an agent I’ve helped over a thousand people to move home and it hasn’t always been easy. Studies show that the legal framework and conventions that govern property transactions rank moving as the most stressful life event. We have created a business designed to make the whole process, simpler and more transparent for all involved.

For me Estate Agency is less about sales and more about marketing. Our job is to help your property to achieve it’s full potential by showcasing engaging, transparent marketing materials that help buyers to make clear and informed decisions. They can then offer with confidence, excitement and certainty that your home is the right match for them. It is only when this is achieved that it becomes possible to achieve the best possible price. Attention to detail is crucial!

Outside of work my obsessions continue, with family right at the forefront. We’re currently a family of three, soon to be four. I fully understand the stresses of moving home while still trying to juggle life’s many other challenges; which is why we have created a simpler way. 

Sam Edmonds

Sam Edmonds


When the chance came to partner and launch Knight Edmonds, I jumped at the opportunity to design a business based on what customers really want. Our vision is to provide a service that’s so good, that what is typically a very stressful process becomes – smooth, simple and enjoyable.

To achieve this we’ve set out three values; the building blocks for our business, simplicity, transparency and passion. We’ve integrated these values into everything we do. We provide full, comprehensive and transparent property details and ensure that we sell your property to the right person, not just the first to make an offer.

I’ve lived in and around Maidstone for over 20 years now and with this comes a deep understanding of each part of Maidstone, what’s important to the people that live there and why people choose to move there. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to property match-making. We will stop at nothing until we find you the perfect match.

In my spare time, I socialise with friends and family. I also like to play football and snooker, helping me to maintain a sharp focus and a healthy lifestyle.