>Sold In Your Area; Victoria Court, Maidstone

Sold In Your Area; Victoria Court, Maidstone

After a full year of marketing with another agent and three failed sales, the owner of Victoria Court decided to call Knight Edmonds.

In just 2 weeks we relaunched the property with a photographic

makeover and agreed a sale 9% higher than the last attempt!

The sale then proceeded smoothly to a successful completion.

The Seller’s Review


Knight and Edmonds were a saving grace for me in salvaging a disastrous experience with the sale of my property. I had been with another well know agent for over a year and within that time I had 2 sales fall through, numerous cancelled viewings without being informed and was about to give up. The 2nd time it fell through was even more infuriating as I’d practically given the property away, selling it as a massive loss. I’d lost lots of money on solicitors fees and was right near the end and hoping to complete any day.

Alex had assured me he could and would sell this and for more money. I was dubious. My level of trust with any “estate agent” had been questioned however within an hour of speaking to Alex he sent me a “action plan” of what and how he would achieve the sale.  I decided to give him a try (I wanted to be proved wrong after all). Within 2 days he had got a tenant in. (Already this made it more attractive for someone to buy ).  I made it clear to Alex that although this was good, I NEEDED to sell so we can’t rest just because it now has a tenant.   Within 2 weeks Sam and Alex had secured a buyer. They kept in touch throughout and this week it finally completed.  Words I honestly thought would never come. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much Knight Edmonds!

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