>Sold In Your Area; Moncrif Close, Bearsted

Sold In Your Area; Moncrif Close, Bearsted, Maidstone

After two prior attempts at selling over a year long period, Knight Edmonds did what they do best.

Seller’s Review


What can I say? Nothing negative that’s for sure.  I first had my house on the market for 9 months with a local agent who not only didn’t ever talk to me, but only managed to get me 2 viewings in all that time one of which was not even qualified.  I decided I’d had enough and started to shop around for a new agent.  It was this point I came across Knight Edmonds.  I’m going to be honest and say I had never heard of them, these were the new guys on the block, but they seemed fresh and just a bit different from the usual run of the mill high street estate agents.  They oozed enthusiasm.  Sam has been my main contact, though all the staff have been extremely good.  Sam was impressive from the word go, very professional and very keen.  I figured I’d give them a go, after all what I had I got to lose, they couldn’t be any worse that what I had for the previous 9 months could they?

Right from the first meeting with Sam I could tell this was a professional company that was going to do everything right from the start.  They were confident they would sell my house, and as a motivated seller was a good thing for me to hear.  Photographs were top notch and done professionally, not the agent walking round the house with a camera taking snaps, these were high quality and well-staged.  It was also nice to have a photographer who was enthusiastic about my house as well as the agent employing him.  The 3D walk through as standard also adds so much to the package.

Within days of it going live I had viewings and within a few short weeks I was receiving offers.  Sam was, and has remained, in constant contact all the way through, and that included evenings and weekends.  When did your estate agent ever give you their mobile and tell you to call any time?  I can’t recommend Knight Edmonds highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.  This company deserves to do well as they offer and professional yet very personal service.  Thank you Sam (and Alex and the rest of the team).

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